Impressions... Jenn Bostic

Impressions… Jenn Bostic

BAND: Jenn Bostic

IMPRESSION: Roll-Yer-Windows-Down and Cruise Wisconsin’s Rustic Roads Music.

Author: Ryan Quinn

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My first question is how in the hell is someone “too pop for country”? Today’s country music… well anyway. This is about Jenn Bostic, not my opinion on country music.

Jenn Bostic

However, with that said, if the world has a place in their heart for the T-Swifts and Lady As  who consistently make country/pop hit after hit there certainly should be a place for the likes of Jenn Bostic, a Minnesota girl who now calls Nashville home.

In 2009 I heard Jenn’s debut album (“Looking For Love“) and fell in love with the bright, pop tinged country sounds it poured from my car speakers as I cruised around St. Louis Park, MN.

Then, two years later as I started After Hours Radio I re-connected with Jenn as she prepared to launch her “Change” EP.

We spoke on the phone about the new sound of her music, her touching single “Jealous of the Angels” and the driving forces behind “Change.”

Jenn’s music has never been lacking in delivery. Even on her debut album she sounded strong and confident, but there’s definitely something different on the sophomore album.

Where “Looking for Love” delivers listener’s more of a down-home country girl vibe, “Change” is just that. A change in direction that possibly could have been the best choice of the 25 year old singers career. Or the worst if you are a closed minded country fan.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still the same Jenn Bostic on the album, but a Jenn Bostic that has dug a little deeper into the world of music, and the digging shows.

Jenn’s approach is less backwoods country and more soulful, sunny “Americana” pop.

I say “Americana” pop because, while it certainly is a departure from her first album, it’s not a far cry from her “roots” in country music. Perhaps, it would be fair to say that Jenn took the pop tinged country thing and went country tinged pop? At any rate it’s working. If you dig Sara Bareilles and the like, you will definitely dig Jenn Bostic.

Key Tracks:

“Change” offers critics a swift kick while promising listeners she’ll remain Jenn Bostic. Powerful and motivating.
“Jealous of the Angels” is a powerful ballad dedicated to the memory of her father. It has resonated with fans on exciting levels. Just search youtube for the proof, or check the Jenn’s blog on

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This Impression… is sponsored by AFTERHOURSRADIO.ORG

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